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Oil rises but fears of weaker demand limit gains

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Oil prices rose on Friday but were headed for their first weekly loss in three weeks as worries about inflation and China’s COVID lockdowns slowing global growth offset concerns about dwindling supplies from Russia.The market is continuing to be pushed and pulled by the prospect of a European Union ban on Russian oil tightening supply and concerns about faltering global demand.Still, we continuously end up at square one with lower case counts weighted against the authorities doubling down on their zero COVID policy,” he added.Inflation and rate rises have driven the U.S. dollar to 20-year highs, capping oil price gains as a stronger dollar makes oil more expensive when purchased in other currencies.An International Energy Agency report on Thursday said rising oil production in the Middle East and the United States and a slowdown in demand growth are “expected to fend off an acute supply deficit amid a worsening Russian supply disruption”.


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