How to Trade in Mcx commodity Market

Hello traders,

Trading in commodity is much good than others because we are here to make huge profit in 1 day.

its simple means that Huge Profit = Huge Risk of Capital

In Commodity Market , Loss & profit have Same Chances

So, it is Good we have to read first about the risk in tradings.

How to Trade in Mcx commodity Market?

There are some simple steps aside are as follows :: —

1. How much capital you are ready to invest in market ?

2. Than Search the Broking house online on google, yahoo & bing, justdial also.

3. Shortlist the Brokers after making search

4. Meet all the Manager or we can say Relationship Manager ( RM) designated in their offices

5. Open trading account with that company, who gives proper margin limit facility in the market

6. Take help of RM to make successful Trades

7. After making losses if your are faces technical difficulties of making profit in the markets.

8. Than take help of advisories companies like if you are in mainly in Gold & Silver than is best for you , if you are like to trade in mcx commodities than you can take advice with & all are best

9. Facing anything wrong with all than go for

10. Make trades in small mini lots avoid trading in bulk lots