Base Metals Closed Mostly with Gains as US Dollar Went down: Updated by C/W: – 9027455664

Base metals prices closed mostly higher last Friday evening as the US dollar index fell after Federal Reserve Chairman Powell took a moderately dovish stance, contrary to market expectations. बेस मेटल्स की कीमतें पिछले शुक्रवार की शाम ज्यादातर उच्चतर बंद हुईं क्योंकि फेडरल रिजर्व के चेयरमैन पॉवेल ने बाजार की उम्मीदों के विपरीत, अमेरिकी डॉलर इंडेक्स में गिरावट दर्ज की थी।TO KNOW MORE@ 9027455664TO VISIT US @ www.decentcommodity.comQUICK CHAT ON WHATSAPP @ FACEBOOK@ TWITTER @ GET ONE DAY FREE DEMO@