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The world’s longest flight is making a comeback. ✈

Singapore Airlines is reviving its 10,400-mile jump from Singapore to New York starting Thursday, partially thanks to the development of planes that guzzle less and carry more fuel.

Cringing at the idea of being cooped up for almost 19 hours in a 220-foot tube at 35,000 feet? Here’s what to expect:
– More space, and no economy seats
– 1,200 hours of movies and TV
– Not your typical plane food (think zucchini pappardelle and prawn ceviche)
– No guarantees you won’t still argue over the armrest

The four pilots on each journey aren’t allowed to fly if they’ve flown in the 48 hours prior to take-off. They also get at least 8 hours of rest on board, compared with 5 1/2 hours on a typical long-haul service.

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