India oil demand to recuperate in 2019: Fitch Solutions:

It place fuel consumption increase at 6 percent in 2019 up from 5.5 per cent this year:


Indian oil demand, which confronted considerable pressures in 2018 due to rising rates and a diminished rupee, is place for recovery following years, Fitch Solutions Macro Research said in a notice. Indian petroleum requirement will become an increasingly important factor in global demand growth, as China’s economics slows and the authorities pushes diversification away from oil, Fitch Solutions, a subsidiary of Fitch Ratings, said. It place fuel consumption growth at 6 percent in 2019, up from 5.5 per cent this year.

The world’s 3rd largest oil consumer will, nevertheless, not be in a position to replicate the strength of China’s demand, with growth becoming more and more diversified across emerging markets. Though their populations are of comparable size, the scale of the Indian economics and its capacity for growth aren’t comparable to that of China. It said, adding that demand will become increasingly diversified across emerging markets, particularly, people in Asia. Even though this will shelter costs from any idiosyncratic shock to the Indian economics, the global demand growth is defined to soften in both volume and percentage terms over the coming decade, dragged down by structural decline in developed markets and China, it said.

Indian petroleum customers faced significant pressure in 2018, from a combination of rising world oil prices and a sharp weakening in currency. A bruising year found the rupee fall from about 64 to US dollar in January to 74 rupees per US Dollar in October. It said. Rising petroleum prices have made worse India’s terms of trade and also stoked inflation.

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