Credit access grameen’s shares with 9% discount, the company raised Rs 1131 crore










new Delhi. There was another stock listing on Thursday in the stock market. Credit access rural (CreditAccess Grameen) was listed at Rs 385 with a discount of 8.77 per cent on the BSE. . Credit Access Village had fixed the issue price of Rs 422 for the listing. After listing, the credit access grameen’s share went up to Rs 414.80. CreditAccess Grameen’s IPO was 2.21 times subscribed. QIB quota was more than 5 times while retail quota was not full.



Credit Access is in the business of distributing small loans to poor women in rural areas. The company has a preference in 132 districts of 8 states of the country. These 8 states are from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala and Goa and Puducherry. The company has a total of 516 branches and 4544 loan officers. The company gives loans under the Live Liability Group model. According to the Crisil Research study, it is India’s third largest NBFC-MFI in terms of gross loan portfolio by March 2017.
How is the financial position
fiscal 2015. Total income 48 companies between 2018 per cent compound growth in terms of annual growth rate. During this period, net interest has increased by 54 per cent according to the annual growth rate. The company’s profits increased at the rate of 37 per cent compounding annual growth rate. Fiscal assets under management of the company during 2013 and 2018 has increased by 57 per cent annually to Rs 4,975 crore. The company’s asset quality is better. The problem of trapped debt is low. 



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