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9 March, mumbai, 2018: Life insurance coverage is the most famous Selection of the
Respondents with at least 72% wanting to invest in it followed by deposits equally
Fixed and repeating at 69% and mutual funds at 61 percent, a poll released on
International Women’s Day by ASSOCHAM and IndiaFirst Life Insurance
Company Lihttps://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918077693546mited.
The main findings of the IndiaFirst Life-ASSOCHAM’Women Oriented Survey’
Uncover that women start saving young and have a very clear understanding of their
needs. The poll also suggests while there’s a change in their monetary
Requirement with changing roles, women not only seek financial protection for
Themselves however their family too. The financial selections that are least favored
By respondents are bonds (19%), stocks and equities (21 percent ) and pension finance
Account (36 percent ) in that order, shows the newspaper.
Mr. G. Srinivasan, Chairman, ASSOCHAM said, “On the occasion of
International Women’s Day, ASSOCHAM partnered with IndiaFirst Life to get an
Survey that proves that a lady wants right solutions to fulfil her
Financial needs while balancing between duties and obligations. The
Ladies Oriented Insurance Survey is a step in direction of identification of
These needs for development of bespoke women centric insurance solutions
To empower women in their life stage. The industry as a whole has to
Come together and address this concern and work towards financial literacy
For females. More women products are required, to attract women
Population towards life insurance policy coverage. ”
More than 69% women said that they relied on their families while making any
Investment decisions, followed by self-reliant gen-next women at 28’re
Starting to take these financial decisions on their very own. At the most, 23% of our
Respondents said that they depended on the subject matter specialists or the
Financial advisors, whereas around 14% said that they consulted their friends
or relatives.Ms. R. M. Vishakha, MD & Chief executive officer, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Carrier Ltd., said,
Presently, life insurance coverage penetration in India is about 3% of the national
Gross domestic product and also a part of individuals will be considered low income. There’s
A potential of women for earnings growth in the future that will convert
Them into a big market for insurers. On the occasion of International
Women’s Day, we’re delighted to release IndiaFirst Life-ASSOCHAM’Women
Oriented Survey’. It’s significant to educate female customers about insurance
as a risk management tool and ensure familiarity for long term sustainability.visit :

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